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  • Ular (2013)Ular (2013)
    Date Released : 26 November 2013
    Movie Genre : Thriller
    Movie Director : Jason Chong
    Movie Writer : Fairul Nizam Ablah
    Movie Stars : Yusry Abd Halim, Lisa Surihani, Izzue Islam, Namron
    Format : MKV
    Movie Quality : m1080p
    Size : 950 MB

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    Ular (2013) A group of lucky draw winners win a dream vacation on a seemingly idyllic island resort. Yet, all is not what it seems as people start disappearing… one by one. after the electric fence that has kept the natural habitat and the human visitors apart starts to malfunction. Myra, an entertainment journalist, soon uncovers the reality of them being trapped on an island infested with deadly and hungry pythons. Without access to telecommunications for help, the only way to get off the island is via a passenger boat that is scheduled to arrive in three days.

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    Ular (2013)

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